Pecaminosa is a Pixel Noir Action RPG where you play as John Souza, a former police detective, caught in a web of lies and femme fatales. Cliché? Just as we want it!

Probably. Do you also smoke?

The game story takes place in the late 1940's, at...Pecaminosa, a border city between the United States and Mexico. A home for debauchery, gambling and corruption!

As an action RPG, you will have intense and fast-paced fights and a sh#t ton of loot. You can talk to people, explore, apply different upgrades to your character and maybe drive some fancy classic cars. All this while listening to a very nice noir jazz. Oh and don't forget the casinos!

Yes, you can even play at the casinos. For now, we are focused in delivering a strong experience with just poker and black jack.

It is being developed by Cereal Games, a Portuguese indie studio, based in the middle of the Atlantic. Really! Check here!

Right now, we are are aiming for PC (Windows, OsX and Linux).

This is a story-rich game. So, in order to get the full experience as we intended, we decided to go single player. Maybe, just maybe, we will provide multiplayer for the Casinos.

In this moment, we have a slice of playable game. Oh...and we have a Cactus!

Yes you can. Actually we fully encourage you to do so!